Taxidermy Brown KiwiTaxidermy Brown Kiwi

Taxidermy Brown Kiwi


Log #6048

Latin: Apteryx mantelli

Size: Approx. 44cm x 42cm x 28cm

Description: A North Island brown kiwi, highly prized by collectors in itself, even rarer with collection data. An exceptional specimen for both condition and pose. Label reads: 1. ROA OR NORTH ISLAND KIWI. APTERYX MANTELLI. CAPTURED 17TH OCTOBER, 1891.

The North Island brown kiwi lays the largest egg of any bird in proportion to it's body size. Now an ndangered species with the major threat coming from predators, such as dogs, cats, and stoats. 94% of chicks die before breeding in areas where pest control is not carried out.