Meadowlarks by Joseph CullingfordMeadowlarks by Joseph CullingfordMeadowlarks by Joseph Cullingford

Meadowlarks by Joseph Cullingford

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Latin: Sturnella neglecta

Size: Approx. 38cm x 46cm x 18cm

Description: The Cullingford family operated out of the north of England and most of their very superior work went straight into museums or superior collections. Their bare cases, designed very much in the characteristic north eastern style, were arranged to show the excellence of the taxidermy and the beauty of the subject, without any visual distraction. These cases appear remarkably modern despite the fact that they mostly date from the 1890s. This case shows a trio of Meadowlarks in one of their very stylised displays.

Provenance: Direct from the Stobart family of trucking fame. Originally commissioned Eddie Stobart's Grandfather.