Victorian Cased Lyrebird PlumesVictorian Cased Lyrebird Plumes

Victorian Cased Lyrebird Plumes

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Size: 80x56x2cm

The Lyrebird is one of the world's most fascinating creatures. In some ways it is superficially similar to the pheasants but it has no real connection to this avian family. In fact it is the world's largest perching bird. In other words it is more closely related to a starling or a finch than it is to any pheasant species. It is a particularly gifted mimic and can convincingly copy any sound that it finds appealing - whether this is a human voice or the noise made by the chainsaws that lyrebirds sometimes hear chopping down their forest homes! The name 'lyrebird' was given on account of the extraordinary tail feathers, two of which form the shape of a lyre. On account of this fantastic tail with its silvery shafts, the species was often hunted during the 19th century. Early settlers in Australia often wanted a souvenir of their new land to send back to relatives or friends in Britain.